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Re-mod of Flagship store starts

At Cleckheaton, we have now started major remodelling. Our new signage including LED light boxes will make us highly visible on Dewsbury Road / Bradford Road – the main thoroughfare through the town, and from the main St. John’s car park. Following on from our large custom-built road sign, our superb local sign business will shortly be installing this new branding.

The mobility centre is to be renamed as Kirklees Ability. The floorspace will be opened up, with the back room floor level raised to match the front. This will created a large L-shaped sales floor. Many of the smaller retail items will be moved to the stockroom and this will give us space to display the larger items such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs, rise recliners, chairs and walkers. It will be a much more contemporary room with lots of space and light. Our amazing pricing will be maintained, and indeed there will be some incredible deals to be had as we carry out the works.

Our lift makes it easier to get to our 19th century beamed 1st floor, where two new consulting rooms will be created. This will leave plenty of space for our historical display, maintained by the Spen Valley Civic Society, and for our beautiful meeting room already being used by local groups and as our group training centre.

The 3 ENT microscopes already on site, will be given their pride of place, and Kirstin will have her own room. The third room will be used jointly by our nurse practitioner and our trainee dispenser.

A new business will be added into the mid section of the building, The Yorkshire Therapy Rooms. Two more consulting rooms will be created, furnished in soft tones, with the wonderful exposed beams upstairs. The intention is to rent these rooms to physiotherapists, chiropodists, etc. We are confident, from our existing contacts, that we can attract the best practitioners in the area.

Robert’s room will be improved, with the creation of a higher spec. sound proof booth, utilising a construction method perfected in our York and Chesterfield branches.

We can do this because of the support of our wonderful patients, who have looked after us so well for 11 years. Thank you. We hope you like the modifications – which will start this month and run til October.

We will be using local tradesmen that are our patients already, to save money and ensure that the works are done well, even though I am too busy to manage the project properly. But I can trust Gary to carry out the renovations to a great standard.

Additionally, an effort to connect with local independent optical businesses has resulted in eight new partnerships – providing more local centres for patients to see us.