At present, we have 5 JOINT VENTURE (FULL) members. Two of those are the directors of The Hearing Practice Group.

We have now created a new level for those of you that would like to get to know us better, or are not quite ready for full membership.

You can now join our business assistance programme (join as an associate member).

The benefits of being an HPG associate member

Access our online portal: for useful and relevant advice on:

  • your website
  • product buying
  • marketing
  • appointment booking
  • selling
  • keeping patients for many years
  • image and brand building

Also: Attend our regular meetings, and get quick answers on our helpline*.

The Fee is £155 annually (£95 for students, HCAs, nurses, etc), by BACS payment.


* at the moment, this is a WhatsApp group only. Eventually, we hope to have our own technical advisor on call.