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Holistic Audiology

Holistic Audiology is a term much discussed by audiologists and hearing care professionals over many years.
This is how we see it:
The outcomes for new hearing aid users are notoriously variable and not at all guaranteed. Some of us favour real ear measurements, whereby a greater degree of hearing loss prescription is achieved. Others. like us, favour a more flexible ‘holistic’ approach, centring our fitting on what the patient asks for (within reason) and introducing amplification very gradually.
An embracing of the need for several fine-tuning appointments is important – so any awkwardness or finality caused by the purchase process needs to be mitigated for. We deal with this with our fairly open-ended free trial process.

Bearing in mind that ‘independent’ audiologists are likely to offer you a better all-round service (Which? magazine’s last 3 reports on hearing aids), we have got together to ensure you, the consumer can identify the private hearing aid practices that both adopt this holistic approach but also offer an evaluation period.

We now offer training and consultancy services to our colleagues in the profession who wish to develop their skills.

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