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Get your landline to connect to your hearing aids!

What you’d be best doing is dumping your traditional analog / landline phone. Change your broadband package to no phone calls.

Buy a VOIP adapter (for around £36 from Currys, Amazon). Plug this into a PC. Plug your old phone into the adapter.

Buy a VOIP software package from the likes of SIPGATE (costs about £10 a month for all calls).

Get an app like Media5-fone and link your Sipgate account to the app. Calls will now stream to your hearing aids!* It’s actually very easy, the sound quality is much better, you’ll save money, you can control and monitor calls, etc!  (*assuming you already set up your phone to stream audio from your phone to your aids).

This will allow you to accept landline calls thru the app anywhere where you have a WiFi signal, much like WhatsApp.