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A clue as to why our partners are successful

Well, we encourage our people to run a domiciliary business themselves, whilst running their new branch-based business:

Alan Jackson explains:

“After becoming interested in running my own Hearing care practice but admittedly not knowing where to start I spoke with Robert Donnan to hopefully glean some pearls of wisdom. Although I had not seen nor spoken to Robert for several years we had previously worked together for a large national company and I was aware he had established a very well respected, busy independent practice in Cleckheaton.

It was during our very first meeting that Robert brought to my attention that not only does he operate from his practice in Cleckheaton but that he had also opened a successful practice in partnership with another audiologist in York. I was immediately drawn to this concept for several reasons not least the fact that being an audiologist can be a very isolating profession at times and being able to share ideas, knowledge, responsibility and of course costs was all very appealing to me as was the freedom of being able to do all this on a part time basis.

Fast forward several months and this concept is now a working reality for me and my fellow professional and business partner. Naturally there has been a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears (mainly of joy) but we both now relish running our own practice.  We each devote 2.5 days per week with great autonomy and freedom to provide the best hearing instruments from all the leading manufacturers all under the ongoing guidance and support of Robert.

Given the free time our model has allowed us to enjoy; Robert has recently encouraged and supported me in the setting up of my own private practice assisting patients within my locality with all their hearing and ear care needs. I would not hesitate in recommending Robert and his services to anyone considering a similar path and I personally cannot thank him enough.”


Alan H Jackson

Co-founder and Audiologist – The Nottingham Hearing Practice (Jackson & Herrod)

Director and Audiologist – AHJ Hearing care