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Varying business models for hearing aid dispensers?

A non-branch based approach would favour someone wishing to make money quickly with minimal risk and is a short term view. Why? because the sources of leads tend to become exhausted and fluctuate in quality.
This model would suit an entrepreneurial person with a lot of energy. The only version of this that I know works is: an exhibition-type idea, where events are organised, well-planned and regular. However, I think this type of promotion is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

A satellite-based approach, where you’d work out of opticians, dentists, health clinics, etc. The version of this that works is where you’d have 20-30 outlets.

A branch-based approach is a good solid longer term idea, with more investment needed and a slow recuperation of investment. This will suit a person that is stable in outlook, looking to build a business gradually. We are advocating this position.

(Another is to open a branch and then maximise sales: in order to sell the branch-based business in the mid-term. There are examples of this model ‘succeeding’).